This Site

Welcome to my personal research website. I’ll be using this site for sharing updates on my career, research articles, R code, MARXAN, and blog posts. I taught myself to build this page with help from the Algonquin College Desgin School You Tube Videos, Github pages, and from the Minimal Mistakes Jekyll Theme documentation.

Current Research

image-center I am based at iDiv with guest status at UFZ. In the Biodiversity Synthesis Group & Physiological Diversity Group I am focused on Community Assembly & The Functioning of Ecosystems (CAFE): the entire set of processes that affect ecosystem function. We will be using datasets from long-term and global experiments, collecting open source and donated data for meta-analyses, and developing new tools to lead the next generation of ecosystem-biodiversity interaction studies.

Background & Reviewer Statment

I am a community, vegetation & seed ecologist interested in applied practical research, systematic decision making, and solutions to address the most pressing issues in restoration ecology, conservation biology and the functioning of ecosystems.

I am formally trained in planning (urban & environmental), environmental management, ecology and conservation biology. I am able to peer review research articles surrounding any of these topics. Please see my Publications in the navigation menu above for more details. Please see my review experience by clicking on my Publons profile in the menu to the left.


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