I am an open science advocate and strive for all of my work to be open and available for others to access, learn from, and use. You can find data I have been able to make open access and code listed below. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions.

Data & Code

  • Ladouceur, E. et al., (2023) The recovery of plant community composition following passive restoration across spatial scales. Dataset & Code

  • Ladouceur, E. et al., (2022) Linking temporal changes in species composition and biomass in a globally distributed grassland experiment. Environmental data Initiative (EDI). Dataset, Analyses Code, Shiny-App, & Shiny-App Code

  • Ladouceur, E. et al., (2021), An objective-based prioritization approach to support trophic complexity through ecological restoration, Dryad, Dataset & Code

  • Ladouceur, E. et al., (2020): Reducing dispersal limitation via seed addition increases species richness but not aboveground biomass. figshare. Dataset & Code

  • Ladouceur, E. et al., (2019) The functional trait spectrum of European temperate grasslands. Journal of Vegetation Science Dataset - Supplementary Information

  • Ladouceur, E. et al., (2018), Native Seed Supply and the Restoration Species Pool. Conservation Letters Dataset - Supplementary Information