Native Seed Supply & The RSP

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I am very excited that my most recent research resulting from my PhD dissertation has been published open access in the Journal of Conservation Letters, a Journal of the Society of Conservation Biology !

I have written a popular science piece on this work for the International Network for Seed Based Restoration (INSR), blog here, which is a chapter of the Society for Ecological Restoration (SER). INSR is free to join if you are SER member! Check out their Newsletter, and become a member here!

In this work, we discuss that ecological restoration projects are often limited by the amount of biodiverse seed that can be purchased commercially, as the Restoration Species Pool (RSP), which acts as a significant filter for providing biodiverse seed mixes within budget constraints. We also find that fundamental germination data availability is often linked to whether or not seed is available for purchase, highlighting the need for research and academic integration. One of the most important contributions of this work i think aside from the story it tells, is that it identifies gaps in knowledge, research and industry, and anyone can download the supplementary files attached to it to use this compiled species list as a tool for directing their next work or goals!

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