seedr: Hydro and Thermal Time Seed Germination Models in R

Based on some work we did during my PhD, Eduardo Fernández-Pascual and Gil González-Rodríguez, led the charge to improve on, and turn this work into an R package and get it up on CRAN. Installation instructions can be found here.

seedr enables analysis of seed germination data using the physiological time modelling approach. The package includes functions to fit hydro-time and thermal-time models with the traditional approaches of Bradford (1990) and Garcia-Huidobro (1982). The package is flexible to allow models fit to grouped datasets, i.e. datasets containing multiple species, seedlots or experiments.

We are looking for testers and feedback before we publish our manuscript, so if you have a germination dataset and you’d like to give it a try drop us a note!

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